Pocketpair Urgently Seeks New Talent to Sustain “Palworld’s” Soaring Success

Anastasios Antoniadis

Image: Pocketpair

In the wake of the unprecedented success of “Palworld,” developers Pocketpair have issued an urgent call for new talent to join their team. The multiplayer open-world survival crafting game has quickly become a sensation on platforms like Steam and Xbox, amassing over 19 million players in less than two weeks since its launch. However, this rapid rise to fame has brought about significant challenges for the small development studio, particularly in managing the game’s server load and addressing player issues.

Pocketpair has publicly announced its need for additional personnel to help maintain “Palworld’s” servers, which currently demand nearly half a million dollars in upkeep each month. The increasing player count has led to more bugs and issues, compelling the studio to seek out skilled individuals who can help improve the game’s stability and performance.

Through social media, Pocketpair has detailed the positions available, emphasizing a particular interest in planning and engineering roles. The studio has made it clear that experience with any game engine is valuable, encouraging those passionate about creating innovative games to apply. The job listings, available on Pocketpair’s website, highlight the studio’s inclusive approach to recruitment, stating that fluency in Japanese could be a key factor for potential candidates, though not explicitly required for all positions.

“Palworld” remains one of the most-played games on Steam, second only to “Counter-Strike 2,” despite a slight dip in concurrent players. The game’s blend of creature collection, survival, and combat within an expansive open world has captivated a vast audience, but managing this success has proven to be a formidable task for Pocketpair.

The studio’s appeal for new hires is a direct response to the game’s overwhelming popularity and the logistical hurdles it presents. By expanding their team, Pocketpair aims to not only sustain “Palworld’s” current success but also to enhance the game’s quality and ensure a better experience for its burgeoning player base.

As Pocketpair navigates the challenges of managing a hit title, their recruitment drive offers a unique opportunity for professionals in the gaming industry, especially those with planning and engineering expertise, to contribute to one of the most exciting projects in recent times. With “Palworld’s” future prospects looking bright, the addition of new talent to Pocketpair’s ranks could be the key to unlocking even greater achievements for the game and its community.

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