Evil Empire Bids Farewell to “Dead Cells” to Pursue New Creative Ventures

Anastasios Antoniadis

Evil Empire - Dead Cells

Evil Empire, the development studio that played a pivotal role in expanding the universe of the critically acclaimed indie game “Dead Cells,” has officially announced its departure from the project. After nearly five years of dedicated work, which included the release of four downloadable content (DLC) packs, 18 comprehensive updates, and a successful mobile version in collaboration with Playdigious, the studio is now setting its sights on fresh, undisclosed projects.

Since taking over the ongoing development of “Dead Cells” from Motion Twin, Evil Empire has deeply engaged with the game’s vibrant community, contributing significantly to its growth and success. The studio expressed its heartfelt gratitude to Motion Twin for the trust placed in them and to the game’s community for their enthusiasm and engagement. Their statement highlighted the joy and fulfillment derived from working alongside players to develop new content and the excitement of witnessing their reactions to the game’s expansions.

In their farewell message shared on Twitter, Evil Empire conveyed a mix of nostalgia and optimism. The team reminisced about the unforgettable journey with “Dead Cells” and the unique bond formed with its community. They humorously apologized for any frustrations caused by the challenging Derelict Distillery update, reflecting on the spirited interaction that characterized their relationship with players.

Looking ahead, Evil Empire teased the development of secret projects that are currently in the works. The studio’s message conveyed a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation as they prepare to unveil these new ventures to the public. While details remain under wraps, the studio’s track record and creative energy suggest that intriguing announcements are on the horizon.

As Evil Empire embarks on this new chapter, they extended their best wishes to Motion Twin and expressed eagerness to witness the success of Motion Twin’s upcoming game, “Windblown.” The departure of Evil Empire from “Dead Cells” marks the end of a significant era for the game but also signals the beginning of an exciting future for the studio.

Fans of Evil Empire and “Dead Cells” alike will be closely watching for the reveal of the studio’s next projects. With a legacy of innovation and engagement, Evil Empire is poised to continue making waves in the gaming industry, bringing new experiences to players eager for their next adventure.

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