GunBlood Cheat Codes & Level Codes

Anastasios Antoniadis

Gunblood Cheats

“Gunblood,” the captivating online game that pits players against a series of sharpshooting opponents in quick-draw duels, has long been a favorite for those looking to test their speed and accuracy. As players work their way through increasingly challenging gunslingers to prove themselves as the fastest gun in the West, some may seek an extra edge or simply wish to explore the game with a twist. For those adventurers, a comprehensive list of cheat codes has been compiled, offering various enhancements and shortcuts within the game.

Unleashing Cheat Codes in “Gunblood”

To activate these codes, players need only to enter them on the character selection screen of “Gunblood,” where a dedicated cheat code bar awaits at the bottom. These codes can grant players invincibility, unlimited ammunition, and even technological anachronisms like a laser sight to aid in pinpointing targets. Whether for bypassing particularly tough opponents or just for the sheer joy of experimentation, these codes add a new dimension to the gameplay.

Here’s a rundown of all the cheat codes available in “Gunblood”:

  • NOHIT: Grants invincibility, making the player immune to all damage except in bonus rounds.
  • MOREAMMO: Provides infinite ammunition, ensuring players never run out of bullets.
  • POINTER: Adds a laser sight to the player’s gun, enhancing aiming accuracy.
  • FASTFIRE: Increases the gun’s firing rate, allowing for quicker shots with faster clicks.
  • LEVEL[1-9]: Allows players to start the game directly at the specified level, from LEVEL1 to LEVEL9.
  • BONUS[1-4]: Directly initiates one of the four bonus rounds, from BONUS1 to BONUS4.

How to Activate Cheat Codes

Activating cheat codes in “Gunblood” is straightforward:

  1. Launch the game and select “Play” to reach the character selection screen.
  2. Locate the cheat code bar at the bottom of this screen.
  3. Enter any of the cheat codes listed above to activate the desired effect.

These cheat codes not only offer a way to customize the gaming experience but also serve as a tool for practice, allowing players to revisit specific levels or bonus rounds to hone their skills. Whether facing difficulty with a certain stage or seeking to explore “Gunblood” from a new perspective, these codes provide a valuable resource.

As players continue to enjoy the challenges and thrills of “Gunblood,” these cheat codes stand ready to enhance the journey, making every duel a unique encounter. So saddle up, draw your weapon, and may the fastest gun prevail—with a little help from a cheat code or two.

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