Rockstar Games Cracks Down on Cheaters in GTA Online with Permanent Bans

Anastasios Antoniadis

Grand Theft Auto Online

In a decisive move to maintain fairness and security within the popular multiplayer game, Rockstar Games has begun issuing permanent bans to players exploiting an account duplication glitch in GTA Online. This glitch, allowing players to create exact copies of other players’ accounts, including their in-game assets and rank, has been particularly problematic on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

The exploit came to widespread attention thanks to reports from ClassiqueGTA, a user on Twitter and X, highlighting the severity of the issue as numerous accounts were spotted at Rank 7984, an anomalously high level that indicated manipulation. This manipulation undermines the efforts of the game’s community, where many invest significant time and effort to progress.

Rockstar’s stringent response also includes a reminder for banned individuals who are part of the GTA+ subscription service: affected players must manually cancel their subscriptions, as the ban does not automatically revoke subscription services.

Cheating on console platforms is less common due to their inherently closed ecosystems, making Rockstar’s quick and firm action a notable effort to preserve the integrity of GTA Online’s competitive environment. This contrasts with the PC version of GTA Online, where cheating and exploits have been more rampant due to the open nature of PC gaming, allowing for mods and other unauthorized alterations.

The issue of cheating in GTA Online is not new. Last year, a harmful PC exploit was discovered that could allow hackers to permanently delete other players’ profiles. Rockstar quickly addressed this exploit with an update that secured invite-only lobbies and prevented cheaters from joining uninvited, alongside fixes to other vulnerabilities.

Rockstar Games’ commitment to fair play and the security of their online environment is clear with these measures. By taking strong actions against exploits and cheats, Rockstar aims to ensure that GTA Online remains a competitive and enjoyable space for all players.

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