“Helldivers 2” Dethrones “God Of War” as Steam’s Most-Played PlayStation Game

Anastasios Antoniadis

God of War Steam

In a notable shift in the gaming landscape, “Helldivers 2” has surged past “God Of War” to become the most-played PlayStation game on Steam, showcasing the title’s immense popularity and favorable reception among PC gamers. The launch of PlayStation games on Steam often garners significant attention, with outcomes ranging from critical acclaim to widespread critique, as seen with the problematic debut of “The Last Of Us Part 1.”

“God Of War” (2018), a critically acclaimed reboot for the franchise, previously held the crown as Steam’s most played PlayStation game, a title it might have surrendered to “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” upon its PC release. However, it is “Helldivers 2” that has now clinched this prestigious spot, thanks to its engaging gameplay and positive reviews from the gaming community.

A Blend of Starfield and Gears Of War

“Helldivers 2” is celebrated for its thrilling combination of elements reminiscent of “Starfield” and “Gears Of War,” placing players in the boots of elite soldiers embarking on a mission to exterminate space bugs, liberate planets across the galaxy, and enjoy the quintessence of interstellar freedom. The game draws inspiration from the cult classic “Starship Troopers,” offering a compelling third-person shooter experience exclusively available to PlayStation and PC gamers, leaving Xbox enthusiasts on the sidelines.

Overwhelmingly Positive Reception

The game’s success is reflected not only in its Steam player count but also in the overwhelmingly positive reviews it has received from both critics and the gaming community. This accomplishment underscores “Helldivers 2” as a standout multiplayer experience, further cementing its position atop the Steam charts for PlayStation releases.

The victory of “Helldivers 2” over a heavyweight like “God Of War” underscores the dynamic nature of gamer preferences and the potential for multiplayer titles to captivate a broad audience. It serves as a beacon, potentially attracting even more players to join the ranks of the Helldivers army, emphasizing the game’s appeal as an exceptional third-person shooter that shines when played with friends.

As “Helldivers 2” continues to dominate the Steam charts, its success story offers a glimpse into the evolving tastes of the gaming community and the enduring appeal of well-crafted, cooperative gameplay experiences. Available now for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam, “Helldivers 2” invites gamers to enlist and partake in its action-packed adventures, promising hours of entertainment and camaraderie.

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