“Florida Joker” Drops Lawsuit Threat Against Rockstar Games for GTA VI Likeness, Seeks Voice Role Instead

Anastasios Antoniadis

Florida Joker

In an unexpected development, Lawrence Sullivan, popularly known as the “Florida Joker,” has decided to abandon his efforts to sue Rockstar Games for allegedly using his likeness in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI). Sullivan had previously threatened legal action against the video game giant, demanding millions in compensation.

The controversy began shortly after Rockstar released the first trailer for GTA VI in December, sparking widespread excitement among fans. The game, eagerly anticipated for its portrayal of a fictional world inspired by real-life events and characters in Florida, caught the attention of Sullivan due to a character that he claims bears a striking resemblance to him. Sullivan gained internet fame after his mugshot went viral for his uncanny resemblance to the DC Comics supervillain, The Joker.

Sullivan’s initial reaction was to demand a hefty sum from Rockstar, with the figure purportedly increasing over time. He even went as far as threatening to facilitate the escape of the hacker responsible for leaking information about GTA VI prior to the trailer’s release. However, in a dramatic shift, Sullivan has now expressed a desire to be involved in the game’s development, specifically by voicing the character he believes is modeled after him. Through a message to his followers and directly to Rockstar, he pleaded, “Let’s do what’s right … let me voice the character … come on man … I’m the reason the game is so hype right now.”

Despite his fervent attempts to engage with Rockstar and secure a role in GTA VI, Sullivan’s efforts have yet to yield any response from the company. His demands and subsequent plea highlight the game’s cultural impact and the blurred lines between real life and digital portrayals.

GTA VI is slated for release next year, available on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, with PC players expected to wait longer for a port. While an exact launch date remains unconfirmed, anticipation continues to build for the next trailer, which may hopefully reveal more about the game’s release schedule and content, possibly even addressing the controversy surrounding Sullivan’s likeness.

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