“Moonshot”: A New Genre-Blending Game Aims for the Moon with Realistic Space Simulation

Anastasios Antoniadis


n an ambitious endeavor to capture the complexities and thrills of space exploration, the upcoming game “Moonshot” is setting its sights high. Developed by Bearded Brothers, a Poland-based game studio, “Moonshot” offers players a unique blend of survival, management, and construction gameplay, all set within the vast expanse of space. Slated for early access release in the third quarter of 2025, the game aims to provide an experience that stands out in the sci-fi survival genre through its commitment to realism and cooperative gameplay.

“Moonshot” thrusts players into the role of an astronaut commander in charge of a critical mission to the moon in the near future. The game’s premise revolves around not just reaching the lunar surface but also establishing a colony capable of dominating moon-based operations. To achieve this, players will need to manage the intricacies of a space program, from the design and launch of rockets to the construction and upkeep of colony infrastructure.

The developers promise a game that emphasizes the challenges of space, such as oxygen management and the limitations imposed by current technology. This focus on realism is intended to set “Moonshot” apart from other entries in the genre, offering players a more grounded and authentic space survival experience. Additionally, the game will feature cooperative elements, encouraging players to join forces in building the ultimate moon colony and even laying the groundwork for future Mars expeditions.

In a press release, Bearded Brothers described “Moonshot” as a “realistic space-themed game that combines elements of the survival and tycoon genres, set against the exciting backdrop of the 2027 space colonization race.” Players will take on the role of a team leader, aspiring to be the first astronaut to set foot on the moon since 1972. The game challenges participants to not only navigate the lunar landscape using near-future technology but also to manage resources effectively and make strategic decisions to ensure their mission’s success.

“Moonshot” aims to strike a balance between hardcore simulation and accessibility, maintaining a veneer of realism while avoiding the pitfalls of overly complex gameplay. This approach seeks to attract a broad audience, including fans of ultra-niche hardcore games like “Stationeers,” who have long appreciated the depth and challenge of space-themed simulations.

With its development in full swing, “Moonshot” is already generating buzz among gaming communities, particularly on platforms like Steam where it’s listed with screenshots showcasing its visual and design approach. As Bearded Brothers Games continues to work towards the 2025 early access launch, “Moonshot” stands poised to offer a compelling and immersive experience for space exploration enthusiasts and gamers looking for a fresh challenge in the survival genre.

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