“Dungeonborne”: The Unreal Engine 5 RPG Aiming to Fill the Skyrim Void

Anastasios Antoniadis


As anticipation for “The Elder Scrolls VI” continues to build with no set release date in sight, a new contender emerges to captivate fans of the legendary “Skyrim.” “Dungeonborne,” an upcoming RPG powered by Unreal Engine 5, offers a fresh take on the first-person dungeon crawler genre, promising an experience that could very well serve as a spiritual successor to Bethesda’s iconic game. Available for playtesting this week, “Dungeonborne” invites players to immerse themselves in a rich, fantastical world, either solo or with friends.

Developed with the cutting-edge visuals of Unreal Engine 5, “Dungeonborne” is set to deliver a visually stunning and deeply engaging gameplay experience. The game merges elements reminiscent of “Skyrim” with influences from “Elden Ring,” creating a unique blend of exploration, combat, and magic. Players will find themselves equipped with an arsenal of weapons and spells, from traditional axes and swords to magic casts capable of explosive destruction, manipulation of enemy movement, and more.

At the outset, players can select their class, tailoring the gameplay to their preferred style, whether it be melee brute force or the nuanced application of magical prowess. The game introduces a challenging mechanic where death sends players back to the dungeon’s entrance, encouraging strategic planning and mastery over the game’s combat system to progress.

One of the most anticipated features of “Dungeonborne” is its PvP arena mode, slated for future release. This mode will enable players to engage in 3v3 battles, testing their skills against others in a competitive setting separate from the main game. This ensures that players can enjoy the thrill of PvP combat without the risk of losing progress in their dungeon explorations.

For those eager to dive into the world of “Dungeonborne,” the game is currently available for free playtesting on PC, providing a sneak peek into what the full game has to offer. While the official release date remains under wraps, this playtesting phase marks a significant step towards the game’s launch, exclusively on Steam for PC.

“Dungeonborne” stands as a beacon for fans of the fantasy RPG genre, offering a promising new adventure that honors the legacy of “Skyrim” while forging its path. As the gaming community awaits further details on its release, the opportunity to participate in early playtests presents a tantalizing glimpse into the dungeon-crawling, magic-wielding, sword-swinging action that awaits.

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